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Wuzzin is a software based methodology to stimulate strategic renewal and to foster cultural change within companies. The methodology is meant to assist corporations on navigating complexity, by fostering the collective wisdom, exploring alternatives to hierarchical management and chanelling the organization towards a more flexible, participatory structure.


Wuzzin is not another collaboration platform, nor a corporate social network but an interactive canvas offering explicit, customizable and dynamic visualizations of shared interests, motivations, concerns, values, needs and a large etc of variables affecting the emergence of p2p collaboration, team formation and the empowerment of the intra entrepreneurs, that is , the change makers.
Wuzzin helps visualize the individual, interpersonal and collective potentials, offering a whole range of meaningful visualizations for individuals, emergent teams and managers.


With this new service we aim to precipitate, the maringary non hierarchical, non routinary conversations. These conversations otherwise improbable are precisely where the creative and innovative potencials await. Wuzzin was recently awarded by Google and Nasa at Singularity University, in Mountain View, California. Wuzzin is now available for your company.

Location : Aizarnazabal, Gipuzkoa,
Year : 2012
Author: Diego Soroa
Execution Collab : Fran Castillo
Status : Ongoing
Client : Hettich

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