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Art & Technology

A collective enthusiasm for change is requirement in a context of post-industrial crisis. The illusion ust emerge for a common future based on values ​​such as creativity sustainability, and technological innovation. But today that ilusion is rare, specially in the city; our routines and the way we use our technologies end uo disconnecting us from our context and our own nature. This ends up affecting not only the cityscape but also, above all, the relationships and emotions that take place in the city.


We describe our installations as emotional canvases based on simple technologies, that is social hardware. These canvases are intended to reassess the public and the natural, combining collectives spaces with natural phenomena to chanel and promote the expression of public emotions.


We propose to recreate a rainbow for the Great Bilbao, one of the simplest and most beautiful natural phenomena in a is paradigmatic location for the industry and the history of Bilbao. An occasional and ephimere natural rainbow, produced artificially, under the Bridge.

Location : Bilbao, Bizkaia
Year : 2014
Author: Diego Soroa
Execution Collab : Alberto Dubois
Status : Ongoing
Client : Diputación Foral de Bikaia
Sponsor : Ferrovial, Técnicas Hidráulicas, Diputacion Foral de Bizkaia

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