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Cuantics was commissioned to design the new headquarters for PEVASA. The client wanted an office space able to foster the present & the future of the company. We wanted to maximize collaboration, to showcase transparency and fluidity and to creat the best possible office building. A space in which any of us would like to work all year long.


The tree was the operating system, the metaphore for the building. The working plane was elevated to the treetop, maximizing the light intake and optimize the perspectives to both the horizon at Cape Ogoño and the forests of Mount Sollube. The slab is supported by 5 arborean structural groups, five clumps representing the founding families. The daily activity of the office is fostered and distributed around the clumps, and surrounded outside by the canopee. And then, the great greendeck at the roof top.


Fall 2014

Location : Bermeo, Bizkaia
Year : 2013
Author: Diego Soroa
Execution Collab : LKS Ingeniería Ferrovial
Status : Completed December 2014
Client : Pevasa

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