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Architecture / Urban Design

In order to overcome the present economic situation in Spain, marked by a crisis which goes beyond conjunctural considerations and is situated at the systemic level, projects are required that integrate innovation, specialty and excellence within a framework of high quality and strong singularization, with the ability to attract national and international investments whilst stimulating the Spanish productive economy in a sustainable way.


The Largest Spanish International Showcase for products, goods and services. City to Work in, City to Live in, Sustainable City IMEXCITY is a proposal for a New City Specialized in Export and Import, conceived as a big showcase for Spanish products, goods and services. The initiative is rooted in the advantages of clustering, concentration and scale economy to create new social and economic realities. IMEXCITY embodies the postulates of a new specialized urbanism at the service of the economy, a new way of understanding real estate activity as a platform for generating sustainable productivity for society as a whole and not as has been occurring until now, as a mechanism for attracting wealth per se.


Through the proposal’s radical innovation, the Community of Madrid would obtain the most direct benefit by hosting on its territory the huge IMEX platform, based principally on tertiary use, which provides the most complete list of specialized services for vast numbers of firms and professionals that are already established there. The project stands as a model of activity for stimulating new niches, as seedbeds of companies and of entrepreneurs, so the proposal will not be in competition with other urban development projects in the Community of Madrid.

Location : Alcorcon, Madrid
Year : 2013
Author: Diego Soroa, Alvaro Ardura
Execution Collab : Carmen Paz, Heller Design
Status : Completed
Client : Valdepolo, Metrovacesa

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