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“The Graphic Department of Television of Catalunya had seen diminished their professional standing and was affected by a lack of motivation and a lack of internal communication. TV3 faced the need for structural changes in the department, a change of mentality ¨ requiring a change in attitude of radical importance to the channel.The challenge was to review the methodology of the department and create a scenario that reverted stimulating professional image of the string

In late 2008, just before starting the change process they decided to hire a “creative mediator.” “We chose Cuantics to drive that change due to its double profile of architects and creatives. We also liked the factof working with outsiders.”


To improuve both internal in communication and collaboration we proposed the analogy of the organization as a brain.

We created tools for visualization of the internal potential, shelling the Department reality in all its complexity, exploring their routines, connections, virtues and inconsistencies and potential areas for improvement.

We encouraged personal connections to facilitate the transition from “design by ego” to “co-design”. We fostered a culture of collaboration Extreme

We created a change-driving team that self organized to de-construct the hierarchycal, todemonstrate flaws, remodel routines, and suggest all kind of improvements.


Our collab lasted nine months in 2009, during which Cuantics developed an original methodology, surprising both in its approach and its outcome. That methodology was exposed at TED X Bilbao. It became the basis of our recently launched Whossapp methodology.

Location : Barcelona
Year : 2009
Author: Diego Soroa
Status : Completed
Client : TV3
Sponsor : Disonancias
Budget : 12000€

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